Day 5 Beijing

Tiananmen Square When we were all ready our first stop of the morning was in Tiananmen Square (Tiān’ānmén Guǎngchǎng 天安门广场) which literally translates into the ‘Gate of Heavenly Peace’. Tiananmen Square is very close to the center of Beijing and separates the city from the Forbidden City that lies beyond.  Many tourists were here crowding… Continue reading.


Day 4 Beijing

I woke up early again and stretched and practiced some Qi Gong (氣功) before cleaning up and going down to breakfast.  I really enjoy waking up in this manner.  It helps me awaken both my mind and body before starting my day.  After breakfast we started on another day full of sightseeing. Temple of Heaven… Continue reading.


Day 3 Beijing

I got up at 6am and stretched and did Ba Duan Jin (八段錦).  Then Norman and I went down to get breakfast where I met the rest of the group.  They were all very nice and personable.  The weather was sunny and beautiful with a nice breeze and perfect temperatures.  I was well rested and… Continue reading.


Day 2 Beijing

We flew in to the airport and I was so happy, I could not stand being on a plane any longer.  I was supposed to meet my driver at the airport but when I looked for him I could not find him.  He was supposed to be waiting for me with a sign with my… Continue reading.


Day 2 Shanghai

What a long flight! My back did pretty well on the flight but my neck and knees gave me some trouble.  I did manage to sleep off and on for a couple of hours at a stretch.  I read and listened to my iPod the rest of the time.  I was going to watch some… Continue reading.