Day 10 Xi’an

I woke up well rested from our luxurious room.  After breakfast we headed out.  We drove for a while through the city past the Old City Wall and out into the countryside surrounding Xi’an.  It was a cloudy morning, the first we had encountered since being in China and though the countryside was still green… Continue reading.


Day 9 Xi’An

I slept in past the 5:30am wake up call at Tagou and got up at 6am.  I was not quite as sore and stiff as I thought I might be and that was a nice change of pace over the last day.  I got ready finished packing and made my way downstairs.  When most of… Continue reading.


Day 8 Shaolin Temple

I woke up this morning at 5am completely stiff and sore.  I did not sleep as deeply as I would have liked.  I was not entirely sure I should do the morning run but made myself get up and stretch anyway.  I made my way downstairs and noticed that not all of the members of… Continue reading.


Day 7 Shaolin Temple

Norman and I woke up at 5am and I began stretching and warming up.  At 5:30am the loudspeakers blared out the wake up call and all of the other students got up.  You could hear them scrambling in commotion and getting in to formations and begin chanting as they prepared for their morning run. We… Continue reading.


Day 6 Shaolin Temple

We got up and got breakfast as usual in only a slight hurry.  We needed to hurry and get to the train station so that we didn’t miss our train.  We were going to take the bullet train from Beijing to Zhengzhou and then travel by bus from there through Dengfeng to the Tagou Academy…. Continue reading.