In Pursuit of Kung Fu Destiny

Those that know me will find it no great surprise that I have found my passion in the study of Kung Fu.  To that end I am always studying and researching to further my understanding of kung fu, in particular the unique style of kung fu that is the family of Song Shan Shaolin Temple martial arts.  Along with kung fu there is the study of Chan, or… Continue reading.


Eric Lee China Tour 2009

In less than a month I will travel back to China.  This time I will travel to Wudang Mountain, Zhongshan, and Hong Kong.  I am very excited about this trip and September 19th can not arrive soon enough.  My first trip was a very personal journey. I wanted to make the sojourn alone to visit… Continue reading.


Eric Lee China Tour 2008

On September the 18th I stumbled upon the website for Eric Lee’s 2008 China Tour.  I have met and trained with Grand Master Eric Lee in the past and he is a very fun and knowledgeable teacher of Kung Fu.  I had been invited to go on these tours before but due to time, finances,… Continue reading.



I was speaking with my friend, Guro Joe Craig, recently after participating in one of his classes.  Guro Craig is the head Filipino Martial Arts Instructor at Apex Training Center.  We were talking about the types of training and some of the different training methods between our two systems.  Guro Craig has been teaching much… Continue reading.


Back to a Regiment

This week I started to get back into a new work out routine. My back is still doing quite well so I have finally gotten back to a more regular training regiment. I now work out six days a week alternating between an arm intensive workout, an abdominal intensive workout, and a leg intensive workout…. Continue reading.