Running a Martial Arts School

Martial Marketing: The Flier

Running a martial arts school can take up a lot of time. It is not always easy but the rewards of operating your own school are tremendous. One of the hardest things is trying to generate growth. Gaining new clientele can be difficult for anyone that owns their own business. You have to find ways… Continue reading.


Back Down to Business

Last night I was finally able to resume classes at our school. We have been mostly out of session for over two weeks while the cleanup was in progress. It took the cleaning company a while to be able get the water from the sewer cleaned up enough to begin training. For many days they… Continue reading.


Messy Business

I left the school from teaching on Tuesday night at 10pm.  The school was clean and usable like normal.  However, I received a call the following day at 2pm from one of my school’s staff and the school was neither clean nor usable.  Overnight at some time the sewer system backed up through the toilet… Continue reading.