Happy Birthday Kung Fu Destiny

Today Kung Fu Destiny turns one year old.  I am pleased with how the site has developed and grown over this past year. It has become ever closer to the site that I wish for it to be.  I have written my thoughts and written articles that I feel are pertinent to the martial arts… Continue reading.

Chinese New Year 4707, Year of the Ox

Today marks the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year.  This year we transition to the year of the Earth Ox.  This year is characterized by prosperity achieved through hard work and diligence.  Patience and perseverance through the year will lead to better decisions and result in prosperity. At the Shaolin Lohan Pai, we have… Continue reading.

First Night 2009

On December 31, 2008 our lion dance troupe participated in the First Night 2009 celebration in St. Louis, Missouri.  This was the fifth year that we have participated in this celebration.  Generally our performances are outside and the weather and wind can be brutally cold.  This year was cold but not as windy and we… Continue reading.

Apex Holiday Gathering

Last night I attended a Holiday party hosted by Apex Training Center.  It was a great evening spent in the company of fellow martial artists.  We joked and laughed, ate and drank, and enjoyed each others company.  It is nice to see such camaraderie and brotherhood among people.  The holidays are always a time for… Continue reading.

Daoist Qigong Seminar

This past Saturday I attended a Daoist Qigong Seminar hosted by Tim Bruewer, the St. Louis Daoist Association Director.  Mr. Bruewer is a 26th Generation Wudang Longmen Neidan Taoist Disciple who studied under Wudang Taoist Priest and Master Yun Xiang Tseng.  We covered a lot of material and focused on many of the basics that… Continue reading.