Martial Arts

Apex Holiday Gathering

Last night I attended a Holiday party hosted by Apex Training Center.  It was a great evening spent in the company of fellow martial artists.  We joked and laughed, ate and drank, and enjoyed each others company.  It is nice to see such camaraderie and brotherhood among people.  The holidays are always a time for… Continue reading.



I was speaking with my friend, Guro Joe Craig, recently after participating in one of his classes.  Guro Craig is the head Filipino Martial Arts Instructor at Apex Training Center.  We were talking about the types of training and some of the different training methods between our two systems.  Guro Craig has been teaching much… Continue reading.


The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Often times keeping up with a diary or journal can be quite difficult.  It takes time to formulate your thoughts and write them down, especially if you have lots to document or your notes are very detailed.  The benefits of chronicling your progress, however, are well worth the time invested. Benefits Keeping a regular journal… Continue reading.


Chinese Culture Days

Today my school the Shaolin Lohan Pai was able to participate in the Chinese Culture Days on May 17th and 18th.  This event is held at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, MO each year during the middle of May.  It is a wonderful event that promotes and educates the public on many facets… Continue reading.


The Question of Lineage

The lineage of any system holds a special place to students of that system. To many practitioners of the martial arts, your lineage identifies who you are and were you come from and therefore whether you or your style of martial arts should be respected. While the lineage of a system does have significance it… Continue reading.