My New Book

I have spent the last few months working on a book about my first trip to China in 2008.  I put together a selection of pictures along with my journals, which are featured on this site, into a hard bound coffee table book.  The process was long but rewarding.  I was able to relive my experience through the constant editing and shifting as this book took shape.  From the original 900 photos I took during my trip, I cut it down to 300 that I felt were good enough for inclusion in this book.  I cleaned up and processed the images and almost all of the ones selected made it in.  I also reworked my journals and edited them again.  Cleaning up the journals really help the flow of the book and allowed me to correct numerous mistakes.  My goal was to create a book that placed a lot of emphasis on the photographs while supplementing the visual story with my journals to tie it all together.  I am pleased with the overall result and am looking forward to the arrival of my copy.

I created the book on Blurb.  They offer free software to create your book and provide numerous templates to lay out a variety of books.  They offer a wide selection of book sizes and styles and I feel their prices are reasonable.  Their layout software was a bit cumbersome to use at times, but overall it was a useful tool in laying out the book.  Since I already had the pictures and my journals, I spent the majority of my time choosing pictures, creating the layout and composition of the book and editing and proofing my journals.  I feel that the final product is a good coffee table style book that allows people to share in my experience of traveling in China through my words and my photographs.

You can preview “Kung Fu Destiny A Pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple” on Kung Fu Destiny, or purchase it on Blurb.  I make a small commission from each sale, and I intend to use the proceeds to help fund my move to China.  Let me know what you think about the book.  If there is enough interest in this one I may compile a similar book about my second trip to China and Wudang Shan that I took earlier this year.


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  1. Katie Wylie - January 3, 2010 8:20 pm

    Very Nice… I added the Blurb site to Stumble!

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