Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu Seminar

Today at the Nine Dragon Academy we offered a seminar on Combat Kung Fu led by Shifu Kevin Sears. Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu is a practical combat method rooted in traditional Chinese martial arts. This combat method is simple to both train and execute and is designed to allow those without much experience in the martial arts to become proficient relatively easily and for experienced practitioners to understand how to extract the practical application out of every technique.

The self-defense methods taught in many modern martial arts schools are impractical. While techniques and applications are taught, they are often glossed over and not much time is spent practicing the techniques. These techniques often require dedicated practice to gain a reasonable degree of proficiency which leaves students knowing a great number of martial applications that they cannot apply. Many techniques are also outdated. While these techniques need to be preserved and developed to maintain the art, the situations that these techniques were designed to combat rarely arise in modern, every-day life.

While having a solid foundation in traditional Chinese martial arts definitely helps in learning and executing the Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu method, any person of any skill level or style can benefit from this practice. We spent the first half of the five-hour seminar learning basic combat principles, covering basic punches and kicks as well as simple defenses for punches, kicks and grabs. Combining even these simple techniques with solid footwork allowed the participants to quickly defend against an attack, move into a more advantageous position and execute a counter-attack from several different scenarios. The second half of the day was spent learning control tactics through very basic joint manipulation or Chi Na (qín ná 擒拿). These tactics allow the participants to control an opponent on the ground from a safe position.

We spent the last hour discussing how the law applies to martial artists in various situations of escalated assault. This is a subject that is often neglected in martial arts schools, but affects every practitioner regardless of style. Shifu Sears has spent time working in one of the worst districts in St. Louis and has a thorough understanding of the law regarding an altercation. This experience helped him to solidify the Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu method and every technique covered during the seminar was practical and had been used on the dangerous streets of North St. Louis.

We had a great turn out of approximately fifteen participants ranging in experience level from no martial arts experience to advanced students representing a variety of styles. The information covered gave a great overview of the benefits of the Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu program. Shifu Sears covered a lot of material in a very brief period of time and though it may have been difficult for some students to retain all the information presented, it did provide a solid introduction. We are looking forward to offering more seminars on a variety of martial arts subjects.


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