Kung Fu

The Three Most Important Principles of Practicing Kung Fu

When practicing kung fu (gōng fu 功夫) there are three very important principles to remember. These principles provide the foundation for any style of kung fu and are relevant for every practitioner regardless of their ability. Do you know what these three principles are? Some of the more obvious answers might be speed, strength or… Continue reading.


The Passing of a Great Kung Fu Master, Yang Guiwu

I recently came across a great article on the National Geographic Magazine website about the modern state of kung fu and the Shaolin Temple. The author, Peter Gwin, follows the path of two disciples of the late folk Grandmaster Yang Guiwu, who was a disciple of the Shaolin Temple. The first disciple is Hu Zhengsheng,… Continue reading.


Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu Seminar

Today at the Nine Dragon Academy we offered a seminar on Combat Kung Fu led by Shifu Kevin Sears. Nine Dragon Academy Combat Kung Fu is a practical combat method rooted in traditional Chinese martial arts. This combat method is simple to both train and execute and is designed to allow those without much experience… Continue reading.


The Deadly Fighting Principles of White Crane Kung Fu

Recently I was informed that the article “The Deadly Fighting Principles of White Crane Kung Fu” on Kung Fu Destiny was plagiarized from an article in the November 1983 issue of Black Belt Magazine. Until now I was under the impression that this article was the work of Vincent Cabais. I would like to extend my… Continue reading.


Kung Fu for Philosophers

I thought I would share a link to an article, Kung Fu for Philosophers, that was shared with me earlier this week. The author, Peimin Ni does an excellent job of describing the true nature of kung fu and draws parallels between the Eastern philosophy that influences the kung fu mindset and more well-known Western philosophy… Continue reading.