Kung Fu Destiny Turns Two

Kung Fu Destiny turns two years old today and a lot has happened during the last year. I have traveled to China for the second time, this time training on the Wudang Mountain. I have written a book about my first trip to China which is available for purchase. I have started my own school along with Kevin Sears, the Nine Dragon Academy (Jiǔ Lóng Pài 九龍派), in order to promote Chinese martial arts and culture. The biggest thing that has happened over the past year with Kung Fu Destiny, however, is my decision to travel  to China to study kung fu.

I spent time thinking over the obstacles and what it would take to make this trip a reality. I want to improve my skill and understanding so that I may share them with others and help them to pursue their Kung Fu Destiny.  Though there is a lot to accomplish prior to my departure, I am working through all of the necessary items one by one.  It is an exciting and scary endeavor to leave the life I know here behind in pursuit of my dream.

What will this mean for the future of Kung Fu Destiny?  I intend to keep this site updated while I am in China.  I will not have frequent access to the internet in the school I will be training in, but when I do I will attempt to update this site with observations on a life of training, what we are learning, and how much my body hurts from the rigors of daily training.  This site will be one of the few ways for me to update everyone on what is going on since popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are often blocked in China.  Some of the changes will be the removal of the ‘Upcoming Events’ area of the site, since I will not be available enough to keep it current.  I will, however, be adding a ‘Videos’ section to the site.  I will video tape some of my trip and possibly even practice to share with others on this site. These changes will not occur immediately, but will be in place before my departure.

Over the last year I have made more friends and acquaintances in my local martial community and abroad and I hope to meet and interact with even more people in the years to come.  Sharing our passion for the martial arts allows us to exchange ideas and learn from one another.  I am pleased to see how this site has grown and developed over the last couple of years. I sincerely hope it will continue to grow as my understanding grows to the benefit of the entire martial community.


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