Visiting the Chiropractor

Last Wednesday I went to the chiropractor. I decided that it was time to see one to get the problems in my neck and back resolved. While my muscles are more relaxed, thanks to the efforts of my Traditional Chinese Doctor, there are a few places in my spine that felt as if they were out of alignment which puts many of the muscles in my back in tension. This tension often manifests as tightness or mild pain in my upper and lower back and in my neck.

I have been leary of seeing chiropractors because I wanted to find one that I would feel comfortable with. One that was knowledgeable and competent and that did not try to keep details from me in order to prolong treatment just to make extra money. I chose the chiropractor that I did because he was recommended to me by Kevin. Kevin was a patient of his in the past to treat his back problems with very favorable results. This particular chiropractor has also studied acupuncture. This helped me feel more comfortable with him and allowed me to discus certain aspects of my problems in common Traditional Chinese Medical terms.

On Wednesday the chiropractor did a basic exam checking my overall health, alignment, flexibility, and mobility of all of my joints. Contrary to popular belief chiropractics is not just for back and spinal problems but also for other joint and body positioning issues. The chiropractor also checked the amount of electrical stimulus to make sure it is not impeded any where by the mis-alignment of my spine as well as the amount of tension in the muscles. He also wanted me to get a set of X-Rays done. On Thursday I went and had my X-Rays and dropped them off and returned the next day so we could go over the results.

The X-Rays showed some minor problems in the vertebrae in my neck and in between my shoulder blades and even in my sciatica. This was confirmed by the muscular stress tests that we had completed on Wednesday. From this the chiropractor recommended that we start with sessions 3 times a week and begin slowly reducing the number of sessions as I begin to improve. He tentatively thinks that these treatments will probably continue for approximately 6 – 8 months. We will periodically re-evaluate how the treatments are going and re-adjust the time line. I will be elated if it only takes 6 – 8 months since I have had problems for the past 6 years.

The reason it takes such a seemingly aggressive schedule is that when your vertebrae get out of place and stay that way for long periods your body adjusts to maintain your new posture. The muscles tighten up to help keep you from injuring yourself further. After a while this becomes comfortable to your body. Now when your vertebrae are re-aligned, your body detects this as improper alignment and causes more tension. Going in for treatment, the chiropractor will adjust the alignment of the vertebrae to their natural alignment but this will feel uncomfortable to the body and the tension in the body will eventually pull them back out of alignment. This process must be repeated habitually to retrain the body to hold the vertebrae in the proper alignment.

I will be very happy when I am back into healthy shape so that I can continue my aggressive training schedule.


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