Almost There…

Today I went for my weekly visit to the Traditional Chinese Medical doctor that I have been seeing for my injured back.  The acupuncture and cupping methods have been working very well and I am feeling much better.  After today’s session I asked the doctor if I was ready to beginning training again.  He said that I could resume normal practice but to make sure that I making sure to stretch and warm up the muscles prior to my usual practice. I think I will still start slow with my return to training.  I will  still refrain from lion dancing until I feel my back is strong enough to handle it and will be working mostly on stretches and exercises to strengthen my back so that this does not become a recurring injury.

It will be really great to get back to training. It felt like there was a large gap missing in my life.  Sometimes it was very frustrating having the urge to train and practice kung fu but knowing that doing so would re-injure my back. It did provide me with some extra time to devote to research and study on other kung fu topics such as Qi Gong (氣功) and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I will do my best to continue my research in these areas as I return to a normal training regiment.

Teaching while I was injured was very challenging since I was unable to demonstrate most techniques effectively.  It forced me to really think about the techniques in an attempt to describe them in very minute detail so that my students would still be able to understand and perform the given techniques.  I admit I met with limited success but have improved in this regard.  My injury provided me with an opportunity to work on and improve my own teaching methods and ability.

I am looking forward to training again and will start back up on a normal schedule tomorrow.  I will do lots of stretching before and after my workout.  This is a great opportunity to get back to basics and I intend to revisit all of the stance work and exercises from the novice level on up.  I will just have to curb my enthusiasm to ensure that I do not take things to far too fast.


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