Recovering from a Back Injury with a Foam Roller

As you may know, I have had issues with my back for a while now. I trained improperly over developing the muscles in my back and not doing enough stretching or balanced muscle development. After a while the pain became so bad that my back muscles would seize up causing severe pain in my back… Continue reading.


Visiting the Chiropractor

Last Wednesday I went to the chiropractor. I decided that it was time to see one to get the problems in my neck and back resolved. While my muscles are more relaxed, thanks to the efforts of my Traditional Chinese Doctor, there are a few places in my spine that felt as if they were… Continue reading.


Almost There…

Today I went for my weekly visit to the Traditional Chinese Medical doctor that I have been seeing for my injured back.  The acupuncture and cupping methods have been working very well and I am feeling much better.  After today’s session I asked the doctor if I was ready to beginning training again.  He said… Continue reading.


The Mark of Healing

My back is getting much better. I have been undergoing treatment once a week for several weeks now. Some days I wake up with some stiffness in my neck but it generally dissipates throughout the day. With my back feeling so much better it makes me want to get back to training. My doctor has… Continue reading.


Injured Back

The practice of Kung Fu can really take its toll on the human body. I have strengthened and strained the muscles in my back for many years during my training. Slowly over time the muscles began to tighten up very much. At first it was minor discomfort and I was so used to being sore… Continue reading.