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    Random Acts of Kung Fu

    Da Shi Xiong Kevin Sears and myself took these on a nice fall day behind our Kung Fu School the Nine Dragon Academy.

    Jiu Long Pai Qing Ming Jie 2009

    Qing Ming Jie observance at the Jiu Long Pai


      Eric Lee Seminar 2004

      Pictures from a seminar featuring Grand Master Eric Lee sponsored by the Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu in 2004


      Eric Lee China Tour 2008

        Cloisonne Factory, Beijing

        The government sponsored Cloisonne Factory in Beijing.

        Great Wall, Beijing

        The Great Wall.

        De Tombs, Beijing

        The tomb of one of the emperor's the De Tomb is a less of a tourist trap than other Ming Tombs.

        Tian Tan, Beijing

        Tian Tan the Temple of Heaven was once a temple that the emperor would pray and sacrifice to ensure good weather for crops and is now a large park and museum.

        Summer Palace, Beijing

        The Summer Palace was the living place of the concubines during the hottest two months of the year.

        Olympic Icons, Beijing

        Some of the Iconic Olympic Buildings from the 2008 Beijing Olympics seen from afar.

        Tian An Men Square, Beijing

        Tian An Men Square is surrounded by several governmental buildings and museums and serves as the gateway to the Forbidden City.

        Forbidden City, Beijing

        The city of the emperor's with 9,999 rooms was hidden from the public for a long time.

        Panda Garden, Beijing

        The Panda Garden which showcases several pieces of native wildlife of China. It is not a very large sanctuary and as the name suggests focuses mostly on the Panda.

        Shaolin Temple

        Pictures from the Shaolin Temple, Da Mo Cave, Pagoda Forest, and Tagou School

        Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi'An

        Clay Warriors of China's first Emperor.

        Rural Farming Village, Xi'An

        A Middle Income family from a local farming village in Xi'An.

        Eric Lee China Tour 2009

          Tian Lu Hotel, Wudang Shan

          Our Hotel on Wudang Shan. This is the nicest hotel on the mountain and is in close proximity to Purple Cloud Temple.

          Golden Palace, Wudang Shan

          The Golden Palace is a Daoist Temple located on the top of the highest peak in the Wudang Mountains

          Purple Cloud Temple, Wudang Shan

          Purple Cloud Temple is a Daoist Nunnery and is one of the most famous Daoist Temples on Wudang Mountain

          Monkey Sanctuary, Wudang Shan

          Scenic spot on Wudang Shan where the surrounding mountainsides are the homes of many monkeys.

          Tai Zi Po, Wudang Shan

          The Prince Temple that honors a prince who studied very diligently and became a god. This is the temple of Zhang Shifu whom we had the honor of learning from.

          Six Banyan Tree Buddhist Temple, Guangzhou

          Buddhist temple in Guangzhou.

          Bai Yun Shan, Guangzhou

          Beautiful scenic lookout in Guangzhou that is home to the Nengren Buddhist Temple.

          Zhongshan International Hotel, Zhongshan

          Pictures from my hotel room and the hotel lobby.

          Zhongshan Sun Wen Memorial Park, Zhongshan

          Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park.

          Sun Yat-Sen Birthplace Museum, Cuiheng Village, Zhongshan

          Museum located next to the original family home of Sun Yat-Sen.

          Grand Master Eric Lee Birthplace, Zhongshan

          The home that Grand Master Eric Lee was born in and lived in when he was younger.

          Po Lin Temple, Hong Kong

          Buddhist Monastery which is famous for its Giant Statue of the Buddha.

          Lion Dancing

          Lion Dancing 2007

            Schlafly Beer Festival 2007

            Schlafly Beer Festival at the Tap Room in downtown St. Louis, MO. Courtesy of Kaitlyn Schmidt

            Lion Dancing 2008

              Loop In Motion 2008

              Loop In Motion Festival on October 4, 2008 on Delmar, St. Louis, MO.

              Lion Dancing 2009

                Lion Dancing 2009

                Pictures From Various Lion Dances during 2009.

                Chao Feng Eye Opening Ceremony

                The Eye Opening Ceremony for Chao Feng. This ceremony breathes life into our school's first lion so that he may be welcomed as a member of the Jiu Long Pai.