Preparations Are Underway

I am still working towards a tentative departure of June 2010 for my upcoming move to China.  I have a lot of things that need to be done prior to June so that I can leave without having to worry about things back home while I am away.  I need to secure some travel insurance, store some of my possessions for when I return, get my Visa for my trip and try to get a comfortable command of the language to name a few.

I know that June will come very quickly and have already begun preparing for the trip.  I study Mandarin a little every day and if I can increase that some I think I will be at a level from which I will be able to pick up the rest during my stay in China.  I am gathering the items I will need to take over with me and trying to keep that down to a bare minimum while also using this as an opportunity to go through all of my possessions, discarding old useless things while selling or donating others so that I only keep what I really need for storage here.  It is definitely nice clearing things out and simplifying your life.  I have begun a much needed training routine to get a head start on the material as well as try to get myself slightly prepared for the rigorous training I will go through while in China.  I have even decided to get LASIK surgery so that I will not have to deal with the hassle of glasses and contacts while I live in a rural area of China.

As the time draws near I hope to get the things I need to do completed so that I can focus on the trip itself.  The support from family and friends for my endeavor has been great.  It is their constant encouragement and support that has kept me focused on my end goal, helping me to advance step by step to making this dream a reality.


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