Happiness Is No Further Than Where You Are

Sometimes the things in life that we are looking for are right in our own backyard.  I recently discovered this to be true for myself as I made my preparations to travel to China.  Often, we look for escape in some fashion and convince ourselves that once we get to that point then we will… Continue reading.


In Pursuit of Kung Fu Destiny

Those that know me will find it no great surprise that I have found my passion in the study of Kung Fu.  To that end I am always studying and researching to further my understanding of kung fu, in particular the unique style of kung fu that is the family of Song Shan Shaolin Temple martial arts.  Along with kung fu there is the study of Chan, or… Continue reading.


Buddhist Meditation Retreat

This past weekend I went to a Buddhist meditation retreat conducted by the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom in Chicago, IL.  The retreat lasted from 7pm on Friday the 13th until Saturday the 14th at 12pm and covered the basics of Zen meditation as taught by the Korean Zen tradition. The Buddhist Society for Compassionate… Continue reading.


An Experiment in Non-Attachment

The other day I was driving to work contemplating various aspects of Buddhism when I devised a small experiment for myself.  The night before as I drifted off to sleep I was listening to the rain. My mind was trying to decide if it was good or bad that it was raining when I sleepily… Continue reading.


Causes and Conditions

There is often some confusion on the concept of causes and conditions within Buddhism. Many believe it is a simple matter of cause and effect and move on to study other concepts. This concept, however, is one of the most important and is deeply rooted within the Buddhist philosophy. There is often some confusion on… Continue reading.