Day 2 Beijing

Table of contents for Eric Lee China Tour 2009

  1. Day 1 Chicago
  2. Day 2 Beijing
  3. Day 3 Wudang Shan
  4. Day 4 Wudang Shan
  5. Day 5 Wudang Shan
  6. Day 6 Wudang Shan

We have arrived in Beijing and are tired from traveling and we are not done yet. We spent 13.5 hours flying from Chicago to Beijing.  This flight is always exhausting but was much easier traveling with friends.  We talked and played games, watched movies and slept.  I stayed up all night the night before we left except for a couple hour nap like I did last year when I traveled to Shaolin in 2008.  I slept for a large portion of the flight which helped the time pass more quickly and was awake and alert when we arrived in Beijing at 3pm.  This strategy worked well for me last time allowing me to not experience any jet lag and to quickly adjust myself to the 13 hour difference in time.

We spent about an hour getting through customs and getting our luggage before finally meeting up with the rest of the group.  I do not recall customs being quite so involved when I arrived in Shanghai last year.  When we made it through customs, our guide was waiting with Grand Master Eric Lee.  We were the later of the two groups to arrive.  We gathered everyone together and made quick introductions before leaving the airport to go eat.  We went to a local Beijing restaurant.  The food was very good and sitting down to dinner with the group and Grand Master Eric Lee brought back a lot of memories from my trip the previous year.  Si Jo Molina was traveling with us again this year as well and it was a pleasure to see him again.  After dinner we decided to stop in at a local market that was just down the street from the restaurant to kill some time.  We were cautioned that it might be a good idea to pick up some items like snacks and toilet paper, which are apparently in short supply on the train.

Currently I’m surrounded by the exhausted, sleeping members of our group.  We are resting on our bus near the train station until 10pm when the train leaves for Sen Feng en route to Wudang Shan.  We will take an overnight train from Beijing to Sen Feng.  We will travel in a soft sleeper car, so at least we can attempt to sleep most of the ride.  I am definitely looking forward to some sleep while lying supine rather than in the seat of a bus or plane.  We have been traveling for about 18 hours total and we are still not to our first destination.

Now I think I will attempt to find a restroom.  I don’t see any obvious ones nearby, but I’m sure the smell will help me locate one in short order.

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