Day 1 Chicago

Table of contents for Eric Lee China Tour 2009

  1. Day 1 Chicago
  2. Day 2 Beijing
  3. Day 3 Wudang Shan
  4. Day 4 Wudang Shan
  5. Day 5 Wudang Shan
  6. Day 6 Wudang Shan

We ended up rushing to our plane here in Chicago and were among the last people to board our flight for Beijing.  We got to the airport in St. Louis at about 8am for our flight to Chicago which left at 10:50am.  Everyone arrived and got checked in with plenty of time to spare so we sat around at a small café and talked to pass the time.  Everyone was in good spirits and ready to be on our way.  It is frustrating to have to arrive so early before flights just to wait around idly in the airport.  Having other people around helped a lot, however, and it was much easier and more entertaining to pass the time.

Our flight to Chicago was short and painless but left very little time before we had to board the plane for Beijing.  We exited the plane and began making some plans for using the restroom and perhaps finding a very quick bite to eat before the long flight to Beijing.  We started to look for our gate first so that we would know where our connecting flight was.  When we found our gate, which was not too far from our exiting gate,  the attendants saw us and began calling out our names and waving us over.  There were no other passengers waiting at the gate.  The attendants hurried us aboard and we got our seats and got settled for the long flight.

The five of us got an entire center aisle for ourselves.  It was nice to be seated together on the flight.  This way we can help entertain each other and pass the time.  I also do not feel so agitated about the cramped quarters and having to adjust to let people up to use the facilities.  Since we are all good friends it makes sharing the space easier.

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