Day 1 Chicago

We ended up rushing to our plane here in Chicago and were among the last people to board our flight for Beijing.  We got to the airport in St. Louis at about 8am for our flight to Chicago which left at 10:50am.  Everyone arrived and got checked in with plenty of time to spare so… Continue reading.


Eric Lee China Tour 2009

In less than a month I will travel back to China.  This time I will travel to Wudang Mountain, Zhongshan, and Hong Kong.  I am very excited about this trip and September 19th can not arrive soon enough.  My first trip was a very personal journey. I wanted to make the sojourn alone to visit… Continue reading.


Impressions of China

China is a wonderful place with a rich history and complex culture. Its people and its monuments still carry the traditions and stories of their past close to their hearts. In my recent two week trip to China I was fully enveloped by their cultural heritage, people, and cuisine. The trip itself was absolutely wonderful… Continue reading.


Day 12 Home

I decided to try the same plan to get myself synced back to my usual time as when I left for China.  I stayed up till about 1:30am and slept for only a couple of hours.  I got my things together and went down to the lobby.  I checked out and met the driver who… Continue reading.


Day 11 Xi’an

Today we woke up in Xi’an to a steady, drizzling rain and cool weather.  I had packed the night before and brought my luggage down to the lobby.  I would not see it again until we were at the hotel in Beijing.  I was sad we were flying back to Beijing in the evening because… Continue reading.