New Videos Section

I recently took some time to add a Videos section to Kung Fu Destiny. Currently I have added some videos from my kung fu school the Nine Dragon Academy and the Nine Dragon Academy Lion Dance Troupe. Most of the videos are from earlier this year during our lunar new year celebration.

As I get the time to create and edit more videos, I will create a Kung Fu Destiny YouTube channel to host the videos as well as add them to the Videos section of Kung Fu Destiny.

Take some time check out the videos on this page, head to the Nine Dragon Academy site to view them there, or follow the Nine Dragon Academy on their YouTube channel.


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  1. Tom Jorgenson - August 21, 2010 12:05 pm

    Ran into Tony at Day of .Net and he was asking about you. He thought you were in China. Expect to get pinged by him sometime soon.

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