Kung Fu Destiny

New Videos Section

I recently took some time to add a Videos section to Kung Fu Destiny. Currently I have added some videos from my kung fu school the Nine Dragon Academy and the Nine Dragon Academy Lion Dance Troupe. Most of the videos are from earlier this year during our lunar new year celebration. As I get… Continue reading.


Kung Fu Destiny Turns Two

Kung Fu Destiny turns two years old today and a lot has happened during the last year. I have traveled to China for the second time, this time training on the Wudang Mountain. I have written a book about my first trip to China which is available for purchase. I have started my own school… Continue reading.


New Pictures and Other Updates

I have not been posting new articles and updates with the frequency that I would like for the past several months. I have been spending the majority of my spare time working on updates to some of the back end of this site as well as the the site for my new kung fu school… Continue reading.


Happy Birthday Kung Fu Destiny

Today Kung Fu Destiny turns one year old.  I am pleased with how the site has developed and grown over this past year. It has become ever closer to the site that I wish for it to be.  I have written my thoughts and written articles that I feel are pertinent to the martial arts… Continue reading.


Additional Features

I spent the weekend working on Kung Fu Destiny to add in some new features that I think will be beneficial to readers of this site.  I added a new page that can be found in the main navigation at the top of the site for ‘Upcoming Events’.  This page will list events that are… Continue reading.